DEKRA maintains a substantial Cyber and IT Solutions Division providing support to its global network in some 60 countries with a team of over 150 cyber professionals offering both pre-risk and post-loss support.

When people use technology, safety and security are two of the key challenges. In times of the Internet, something can only be safe if it’s also secure. No company today is immune to cybersecurity risks and potential attacks.  Thus cybersecurity has become indispensable, irrespective of the market and the company size.

Pre-risk services include the following:

  • Data section
    Companies collect data of all sorts to keep operations running and to track their business – including the personal information of staff and customers.  Securing this information is not only important for your organization’s reputation and success but is also a legal requirement.  The team will identify risks and prevent data protection breaches. 
  • Risk Assessment and Management
    Our team carry out systematic network security analyses, determine the existing level of cybersecurity and where required, develop a plan to improve it.

Post-loss services include the following:

  • Immediate response
  • Full engagement with DEKRA Cyber and IT Solutions Division to urgently determine the nature and extent of the breach
  • In accordance with Insurers / Reinsurers instructions, and where necessary, engage with forensic accountants, legal counsel and PR consultants in order to mitigate ensuing loss/damage
  • The foregoing will be project managed by a specialist adjuster working in close liaison with Insurers / Reinsurers
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