2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Whilst still a little under 3 months away from the official start of the 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season, initial forecasts, and the expected return of La Nina conditions in the second part of the year, suggest an increased chance of a highly active and above average season ahead for both the US and Caribbean.

We are presently implementing preparations to ready our experienced International CAT Response team for immediate deployment, as well as ensuring up to date procedures and systems are in place to enable prompt reporting and accurate reserving for international and regional markets.

For further information on our 2024 CAT Plan, or to discuss specific requirements and account nominations, please contact the following:


Alistair Jacob +44 7867 784223

Steve Cliff +44 7778 355 889

Dan Fittock +44 7753 464 714

Martin Taylor +44 7795 273 241


Deborah Larder +1 786 241 9498