DEKRA i2i Technology

As we journey through the Atlantic hurricane season DEKRA continues to use i2i technology – revolutionizing audits, inspections, and consultations.

A real option when site visits are not economic or access is not immediately possible.

The user-friendly tool offers two options: DEKRA experts manage the process, or you can license i2i for your team’s use.

Schedule services via i2i, coordinate with your team or customers, and access live, step-by-step guidance. No app downloads needed – it works on Android and iOS browsers.

High-Quality Interaction: HD videos and photos are captured via encrypted video connection, ensuring top-notch visuals for automotive audits, equipment inspections, and more.

Documented info and inspection details are automatically stored and archived for future reference.

Watch the video to find out more.

DEKRA i2i Virtual Audits, Inspections, and Consultations

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