In Chile, wind energy aims high with DEKRA

The South American country’s benefits in terms of renewable energies are
indisputable, and offering safe, sustainable, and high-impact services is a reality in DEKRA and each of its subsidiaries. Today, we are proud because we are marking a new milestone, by carrying out together with DEKRA Chile the installation of the 6 tallest meteorological measurement towers developed by the Group, with a height of more than 150 meters.

What does the project consist of?
The installation of towers in the north and south of the country, to measure and
identify the wind in pre-construction stage of a wind farm, through the installation
of meteorological sensors at different levels (anemometers, wind vanes,
thermohygrometers, barometers, among others) and thus:

– Record wind speed
– Determine the predominant wind direction to define the orientation of the wind turbines
– Determine wind variation as a function of height
– Calculate air density

Thanks to these measurements, it will be possible to estimate the expected yields throughout the life of the project, and to know in advance the profitability of the project.

To date, the DEKRA Group has installed more than 2,000 towers in various parts of the world, generating a positive impact on people and communities, bringing clean energy to their homes.

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